Random Updates

Posted on Apr 17, 2020 by Vincent TruchseƟ

Website changes

I have made some changes to this website. There is now a list of services under this domain.

Luks TPM

Since the last update of luks-tpm, the luks-tpm2 temp -command has stopped working. But, the same update introduced the compute subcommand that pre-computes the PCR-Values and re-seals a new key without a reboot. Basically you just run

luks-tpm2 -c \"tpm_futurepcr -L '::pcr::' -o '::output::'\" compute"

after a kernel-upgrade and you’r good to go.

Community efforts

As with most of the things I learn about, I am simply too lazy to write an article about. Anyways it might be quick and easy to write a small howto, but I don’t feel like filling a blog with howtos.
Therefore I’ll soon launch a tiny operator-wiki and invite all of you trusty readers to contribute.
Also, I just noticed I was wise enough to add the author’s name to blogposts on this site so I’d gladly take guest-articles as well.

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