Posted on Apr 10, 2019

This blog contains only static html and no interactive elements and I really like it that way. Nevertheless I also would like to have a way to discuss a blogpost with my readers (if any). To solve this dilemma I have quickly hacked together a small script that creates posts on my pleroma-server linking to a new blogpost and includes the url of the pleroma post at the bottom of every blogpost.
So, If you want to comment on one of my blogposts and have a you have some kind of fediverse-account somewhere (which you should. It’s 2019, dammit!) just click the ``Discussion''-link at the bottom of the page.
Within the next day I will make my small script nice and less hacky and write a more detailed blogpost about it.
I am sorry for my language, but it is late and I am happy this works right now.