Who am I?

I’m a Linux-SysOP located in Germany. Apart from infrastructure and operations, I can get pretty exited about Lisp, dezentralized software, Networks and user-freedom.

What do I do?

I work as Linux-SysOP for a medium(-ish) B2B ISP and hoster. Mostly I’m concerned with hand-crafting Servers from raw bytes mined by trusty gnomes in the mines under our datacenter.
Also, there is a handful of services on this domain.

Besides, I am the author of Proton, the asciidoc based Static-Site-Generator that powers this website.


Why is your website so much faster than mine?

Because I my javascript skills are so awesome, your browser doesn’t even notice it’s there.

Your website looks so pale and grey, why don’t you use some color?

Because I’m not a designer. Feel free to place your own css into your browser.

I sent you such a nice e-mail, why didn’t you answer?

Because I sometimes forget.

I tried to use Proton, but I can’t get some features to work.

Have a look at this website’s source. Most of the features are used here. Also feel free to contact me if you have any questions.